Ansu Fati recover sooner than expected.

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Ansu Fati a 19-year-old forward with a hamstring injury. Is likely to recover faster than schedule missing just two games for Barcelona football team.

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo report on Thursday. That Barcelona forward Ansu Fati may recover sooner than expected. And have the chance to return to the ring at Villar. Real on the Liga stage on Saturday 27 November. 

Ansu Fati suffer a hamstring injury that force him to be substitute at half-time in Celta Vigo’s 3-3 draw on Saturday. and assess to be out of recovery for around five weeks. Before it was reported more from Mundo Deportivo says the 19-year-old attacker may recover sooner.

The Spanish newspaper say. Fati will spend about three weeks in recovery. And will miss only two games against Espanyol in the Champions League against Benfica in the Champions League. The 19-year-old forward will be available for selection away to Villarreal on Saturday 27 November. 

Fati who underwent two surgeries to repair his damaged tissue has complained about swelling and might go under the knife for the third time.
Many Experts believe that this will surely result in long-term implications that he may have to face later in his career.

But according to some recent reports by El Mundo Deportivo. His situation is improving and he may be able to avoid such treatment again.