Chelsea face the impact of Roman Abramovich sanctions.

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Chelsea suffered a series of consequences. After owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government. Responding to the Russian attack.

The BBC reports that Abramovich’s attempts to sell Chelsea have been suspended. This is the result of sanctions against the political billionaire of Russia. Influencer the Vladimir Putin government with the owner of the club. Navy blue lion be one of them.

Abramovich has suspend from travel and freeze assets. Including Chelsea so the club will not be able to do many things. In addition to selling the club. There are also UFABET game tickets for sale player trading player contract renewal. And the club’s merchandise store was also close. The goal is to stop make money from the clubs of Russian millionaires.

However, the government has granted special permission to allow the games to continue by fans. Who already have tickets in hand can visit the game. And will be pay to all employees as usual

The government is considering a special case for Chelsea to be able to sell the club. On a conditional basis was Roman Abramovich one of Russia’s richest people. And believes that closeness to President Vladimir Putin will not receive any money. all arising from the sale of the club

The issue raised the possibility that. The sale of the club would take place in the near term. Abramovich previously announced that the proceeds from the sale of the club would be donated to all victims of the Ukrainian war.