Chiellini believes it would have been better if Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus sooner.

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Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini believes. It would have been better if Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo left the Juventus team sooner.

            Juventus centre- back Giorgio Chiellini believes. It would have been better for his club had Cristiano Ronaldo leave the Italian giants sooner. The Portuguese national team star moved out of the team. Massimiliano Allegri unexpectedly left at the end of August. And returned to Manchester United football team in the Premier League.

           The Juventus captain admits Juventus made a huge mistake with the way. They handled the transfer of the Ballon dor superstar back to Old Trafford. The 36-year-old player spent three seasons in Italy with the Turin giants. But decided he needed a new challenge in the summer. With Juventus still struggling to challenge for the Champions League title.

            Ronaldo appeared to be making a move to Manchester City towards the end of the summer transfer window. Before united made a decisive move to prevent the club’s legend from becoming a key player in the city. The deal was eventually concluded quickly. but it turns out Juventus had to be at a standstill because they didn’t have time to fix the problem or find a suitable replacement. Juventus have had a slow start to the season and Chiellini believes it was a mistake that could not fix Ronaldo’s future sooner.

            “I already knew he was going to leave this summer. Because we have reached the stage of working relationships where Cristiano needs new motivation. and the team he will play for.” Chiellini told DAZN . He was always decisive. Just as he was at Juve as well. Juventus are starting the new contract and to reduce the average age of the players to ” clear” it is a bonus if he stays on. But it is fair that he wants a team that prioritizes the present rather than the future.”

            “Ronaldo left on August 28 and it would have been better if he had gone sooner. so that we can prepare Unfortunately we had to take the penalty for that.” “It shocked the system and we lost many points in the early games. because of that If he leaves on August 1, we will have time to reorganize and be ready for the start of the season.”