Erling Haland may rest until the end of the season.

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Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haland has been ruled out. Until the end of the year with a hip injury. Revealed that may be more severe than that until the end of the right to help. The team throughout the season.

Build a famous media outlet in Germany. News that Irvine Darling Harbor Island striker for Borussia Dortmund Dortmund’s injured hip flexor. Which will miss out on the field at least until the end of this year. However Jan Ake Fort Toft a famous journalist in the football industry. Said that the symptoms are more serious than expected and may not be eligible to help the football team until the end of the season.

Norwegian shooting star. He is the second-highest scorer in the Bundesliga this season with nine goals. Just one behind Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski. But he is not have played during the weekend that the agency beat Armenia Bielefeld 3-1 because Marco Rose the team’s manager wanted to rest.

Haland may rest until the end of the season.

” Erling won’t be there for the team for a while. We won’t have him for a few more weeks. He had a hip injury that wasn’t easy. It was a problem in the same spot that he had been hurt before. But different positions.”The Yellow Tiger team came out to reveal the bad news. That the team must be missing an important shooting star.

The Bild media reports that the beer in a hip injury, it takes time to recover approximately 6 weeks or a month and a half. Combined with the recovery of fitness, it should be able to enter the field in the new year, but Yan Ake Fort Toft, a former Norwegian national team spearhead . who has turned himself into a journalist Came out in an interview with hometown media that Erling is unlikely to be able to return to play this season again due to the injury more severe than expected.

However, there is no official confirmation from the player’s agency that How long will it take to heal? But the absence of the great spearhead. Who has scored 70 goals from 69 matches in all competitions Since moving to the team in 2019, it should have an impact on the team quite a bit.