Fernando Santos admits Portugal is not playing well.

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Portugal coach Fernando Santos has admitted that his football team have not performed well in the past games and did not meet their expectations.

Portugal only managed to draw 0-0 with Ireland in the World Cup qualifying game in European Zone A on Thursday. With Selesau now equal to Serbia at 17 points. But the goal was better. Both sides have to decide first place in the group on Sunday.

“We didn’t play games like we should have,” the 67-year-old said.

“As for the consideration of victory Winning here, for example, 5-0 is the same thing. But of course we would rather win with a score of 5-0.

“We had trouble connecting the game. Face off against competitors who focus heavily on strength. And we started the game with possession and control of the game. But when I can’t We switched to playing football from the back. back to the goalkeeper Then send it up to the front and carry a tall opponent. They took the second ball.”

Portugal is about to face Serbia to find a team to qualify for the first round and automatically grab a ticket to play in the final, which Santos is confident it will be a difficult game.

“We know that Serbia will come to our stadium with the desire to win, so you have to play differently.”