Lucas Hernandez sentenced to four years.

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Lucas Hernandez the Bayern Munich defender escaped a six-month prison sentence. At the Madrid High Court sentenced to a 4-year probationary sentence for filing an appeal against a court order.

Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez has received good news. After the Madrid High Court sentenced him to a four-year suspended sentence for violating a court order. Following a domestic violence case play in the fierce bull league On Wednesday, October 27.

The Criminal Court in Madrid previously sentenced the Frenchman. To six months in prison after rejecting the striker’s appeal. Because there have been two violations of the court order. They both violated a ban on approaching their girlfriend in 2017 from a physical assault case. And refused to serve the community for 31 days. 

Lucas Hernandez sentenced to four years.

The case occurred. When he was still at La Liga with Atletico Madrid in February 2017. Charged with assaulting his girlfriend Amelia Ozza Llorente. With a court convicting him of community service for 31 days. And not close to a girlfriend within 500 meters for 6 months.

However the two reconciled and ignore court orders with a trip to the Bahamas. And was arrested on his return from Miami. At the Madrid airport on June 13, 2017. Which is still during the prohibition of meeting by the French national football team. He was charged with violating a court order and was convicted in 2019. News has filed an appeal against his sentence. The Madrid Criminal Court gave the sentence a six-month suspension but it was rejected.

But recently. Another appeal was filed against Madrid’s supreme court Until being sentenced to a 4 year probation. But during that time must not repeat the offense Including a fine of 96,000 euros. Or about 3.65 million baht. Causing Lucas Hernandez to escape from entering Sancte in the end. According to report by ufabet