Wolfsburg appoints Florian Kohfeldt until 2023.

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Wolfsburg have appointed Florian Kohfeldt as their new manager. Replacing Mark van Bommel who was sacked two days ago. By signing a contract to control the army until 2023.

Wolfsburg Mecklenburg teams in the Bundesliga. German veterans appointed flow classes Florian Kohfeldt was appointed the new manager to replace Mark van Bommel. Who recently laid off target. After leading the team to perform poorly not winning any team 8 games in a row. Including all items by signing a contract to control the army until 2023. 

Van Bommel led the team to a good performance. Winning their first four games in the league. After which their form began to wane unable to win again. With the latest game losing 2-0 at home to Wolfsburg on Saturday, October 23. Making it the last straw that the club needs to retire and the latest has a new coach to take over the team.

“I didn’t have to think long about accepting this challenge. It’s an exciting event I’ve been looking forward to.” The 39-year-old coach. Who was Werder Bremen between 2017 and 2021 had to fall out of his chair. After leading the team in the relegation zone in the past season. Came out to say at a press conference.

For Wolfsburg. This time with 13 points from nine games, with 4 wins, 1 draws, 4 losses, rank 9th in the table. The next game, which will be Kohfeldt’s first event. Will lead the team away to Bai Er Leverkusen Ranked 4th in the table with 17 points on Saturday, October 30 at the Bi Arena.

Then come back to play the UEFA Champions League cup , group stage, group G, at this time, the team has 2 draws, 1 loss with 2 points from three matches. Ranks last of the group is open to visit Zach delete Salzburg , Austria, on Tuesday, November 2 at Volkswagen.