Xabi Hernandez leave Al Sadd but had to pay compensation.

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The media reveal that Barcelona are really broke. Xabi Hernandez must pay almost 200 million baht in compensation to part ways with Al Sadd as the new manager at Camp Nou.

BT Sport reports that Spanish La Liga club. Barcelona are unable to pay a release clause of 5 million euros or about 190 million baht to Qatari club. Al Sadd to bring Xabi Hernandez as coach under new rules Lex real fair play or EFF P of Spain. Resulting in the former Barca player have to take out the bag and pay by yourself.

On the evening of Friday, November 5. The top team in the Qatar League recently announced that. The club has reached an agreement with the team from the Catalan region and this former midfielder. Will join the team as the new bull. But the latest to take the job instead of Ronald Koeman may have to be delayed further. 

Xabi Hernandez leave Al Sadd but had to pay compensation.

At first Al Sadd reluctant to let the 41-year-old consultant from the team. But after negotiations with representatives of Barcelona and Xabi did not want to return to work with his former club. Make them come out to confirm on Twitter of the club that. Have reached an agreement to release Xabi back to start a career in charge of the army in Spain. 

However according to reports. Barcelona are unable to pay Xavi’s release clause at Al-Sadd due to La Liga ‘s financial constraints. Forcing the legend to pay his own five millions of euros. Which represents the terrible financial crisis of the Azulgrana army. 

For this time, Sergi Bar Juan, the B team coach, will take charge of the next team first. In the away game against Celta Vigo on Saturday, November 6, before a new head coach was announced , Barcelona currently sit ninth in the table after 11 games with 16 points. Behind the crowd, Real Sociedad. Who have played more than one match are 9 points.